Searching For Dog Beds for Big Dogs

If you have furry friends running around the house by day, chances are they are also taking over your bed at night. Although it may seem cute and affectionate, don’t let your dogs get too cozy and accustomed to sharing your bed. Pet owners are prone to having difficulties sleeping because of a dog that refuse to get out of their beds, particularly big stubborn ones. Buying dog beds for big dogs is a very important investment not only because it can give you a peaceful slumber, most importantly, it provides a number of health benefits for your furry pals.


Smelly Dog Issues

If you have an especially large dog, you can’t expect it to sit at a corner all day. Big dogs are robust, playful, and full of energy so they will always go out and play. Look forward to allergens, wet dog smells, dusts, and mud stains if you allow your dogs take over your bed. Fortunately, there are cedar filled dog beds for big dogs, especially made for your lively, carefree pets. These types of beds help keep your dog’s body odor at bay. However, if your dogs are a little too sensitive to cedar, you can opt for a 100% waterproof Nanopore fabric bed cover, which also serves as a barrier against mites and fleas. Likewise, there are also environmentally friendly dog beds made of organic cotton and fleece if you are an earth-conscious individual.

Your Dogs Need Space

Dogs also want some alone time at some place they can always come back to, just as you do. Corner dog beds for big dogs are a great option to make most of unused space, especially when the room is a little undersized.

Big Dogs Have Big Needs

Big dogs have big hearts, and despite their size, they are the gentlest of dogs. Unfortunately, big dogs live shorter and are more susceptible to certain health concerns such as arthritis, joint pains, hip and elbow dysplasia, etc. It is advisable that you buy high quality orthopedic dog beds for big dogs, particularly for the elderly ones. Orthopedic beds have special features that will suit dogs with specific needs. These beds in general are thick and very comfortable. An orthopedic memory foam bed is a popular choice for elderly dogs because its foam conforms to your dog’s shape while providing optimum support and comfort.

Relieves Anxious Dogs

Big dogs also get scared and restless from time to time, no matter how fierce they appear to be. Anxious dogs can find relief when they have their own secured place to run off to. Nesting beds and cave beds are two good choices: these types of beds help your dog feel secure as it envelops your dog with warmth, comfort, and privacy. Dogs just love the feeling of burying themselves.


You have to be a little more meticulous when buying dog beds for big dogs. Big dogs can be a little more destructive compared to smaller breeds, especially when they get bored. It is very important that you select a high quality dog bed, considering how much your pet spends time there. Aside from taking note of your dogs’ personalities and specific needs, you also have to remind yourself that dog beds for big dogs takes up more space in your house.