Dog with skin disease.

Home Remedies for Dogs with Mange

Mange is caused by parasites on the skin, most often mites. Mites dig into the skins surface and feast upon your dogs blood causing allergic reactions. Mange comes in two different forms with Dermodectic mange or red mange that is the condition found in dogs while the second form, Notoedric mange that usually attacks cats.

The symptoms of mange include scratching, weight loss, dehydration and loss of appetite. Mange can also show up on your dogs face, head, ears and neck. There are natural ways to treat mange at home to save you time and money.

Dog's eyes shows signs of mange.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax

Creating a 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide, water and borax is one of the best ways to treat mange at home. When creating the hydrogen peroxide and borax solution, make sure the mixture dissolves completely. Use this solution once a week to bathe your dog in. The mixture should include 1 to 2 tablespoons of borax for every 500 CC of 1% hydrogen peroxide. Do not wipe your dog dry after this bath but allow the solution to work its magic on the nasty mite causing mange. Do this once a week but do not do this for more than two months.

Brush the Fur

Brush your dogs fur every once in a while to get rid of the scaly skin and scabs caused by mange.


A plain yogurt can help treat the inside of ears that are infested with mange. Make sure to choose a yogurt that contains acidophilus. You can apply two tablespoons of yogurt to help get rid of mange in the ear.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Ah, Apple cider vinegar and the many wonders of things it can treat. Add one tablespoon of undiluted apple cider vinegar to your dogs food to treat the symptoms of mange.

Cooking Oil

Cooking oil can be used to not only ease irritation from mange but it can also soften up the waxy deposits that appear on your dogs skin left behind by the mites. It can also kill the mites which is even better. Apply two drops of cooking oil directly to your dogs skin where the mange is.


Lemon can help treat the symptoms caused by mange. Slice one lemon, leaving the peel on it. Drop the sliced lemon into boiling water and let it sit overnight. Apply this mixture to your dogs coat using a sponge the next morning.

Soapy Water

Mix soap with warm water and apply this to your dogs skin. Soapy water can help get rid of the mites that cause mange to begin with. Doing this will also help reduce the spread of mange to other body parts. Make sure to also give your dog a regular bath to heal scaly skin and scabs caused by mange.

Treating Their Bedding

Make sure to treat your dogs bedding and other places they sleep to stop the spread of mange and to prevent it from coming back. This includes washing their bedding and cleaning other places they sleep.


If you can, buy some local honey, not store bought, and apply it to the red and irritated skin to ease it. Using the above mentioned home remedies to treat mange on your dog can save you a trip to the vet and money. Not to mention it will keep your dog happy and healthy.

Keep your dogs happy and healthy.

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