Finest Details in Building the Energy Efficient Houses

Not only has the development of new construction and renovation created environmental impact. It is also important what happens during the use phase of buildings and infrastructure. Due to energy-saving measures in design and construction, the demand for energy will decrease. For example because less energy is required for heating up space or water. With this, the construction sector has a crucial map to make the construction environment more energy-efficient.

The so-called ‘zero on the meter homes’ goes one step further. There the energy meter is at zero at the end of the year, so no more energy is used than is generated. Savings measures are supplemented with sustainably generated energy.

Again, you must look at the possibilities and results of concrete cases in the area of ​​new construction, existing construction and infrastructure.

New construction

An example of a new building project where energy-efficient construction has been built is the 0-Energy houses, part of the Energy Leap project. This concerns the construction of new homes with a sustainable power supply that leads to a zero energy bill.

In the traditional residential construction method, the additional costs for insulation, installations, solar panels etc. amount average. Exactly the amount that residents of a traditional house pay on average to the energy company in ten years. An excellent payback time, but a substantial investment.

That is why a different approach has been proposed for the 0-energy houses: the energy mortgage, an extra loan for homeowners, who want to improve their home in a sustainable way, for example by buying and installing solar panels, cavity wall insulation, a heat pump, etc. This is possible with Residential Title 24 Calculations.

You will find practical examples of energy-efficient new construction in residential construction on the website of Residential Title 24 Calculations.


An example of energy-efficient renovation is a high power door of a restaurant. Whoever goes through the revolving door, immediately wakes up the power for his cup of coffee. In the revolving door are magnets that generate energy via induction. The café is located in the former station side restaurant. Architects transformed the building into an accessible and energy-neutral restaurant and visitor center.

Payback period of five years

The business plan is designed in such a way that the investments can be earned back within the rental period of five years. In order to reduce energy consumption as much as possible, various measures have been applied: triple glazing, a compact wind turbine on the chimney, solar collectors on the roof, heat recovery of waste water, heat-cold storage, insulating clay plaster and energy-efficient LED lighting.

Comparing green energy in a maximum of 2 minutes

Whether you choose a Zero-on-the-meter home that you grow or purchase yourself, your energy costs will go down. Especially with energy bill that is 0 it will save you soon per month. In the days when you cannot generate energy, you will need energy from your energy supplier. The only question is whether you want to make the investment. Simply choosing sustainable energy from an energy supplier is the shortest route to saving energy.

In this project you will find more practical examples of energy-efficient renovation in residential construction.
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