Benefits of Using A Camping Lantern

Wherever you may be planning to go in whichever mode of transport, no camping trip can be complete without the existence of a lantern. In the early days of backpacking history, lanterns were traditional and a heavyset burden to carry with you for the whole journey. In today’s time, this basic necessity has been converted into a gas-powered light with glass windows. Although it is still weighty and very sensitive to the touch, it emits a light that will never go out, at least not until the remainder of your journey is over.

Fits Your Needs

Due to advancement in technology, backpackers now have the privilege of getting to choose from a variety of options. Lanterns now come in LED lighting; they can be gas powered or electric powered; travellers may even opt for the still widely available traditional camping lantern that uses a candle to give light. There are lots of different features that fit into the best camping lanterns made for your needs.

Lightweight and Compact

Lanterns with LED lighting enable its users to move flexibly since they are more lightweight and compact in nature. However, they run on batteries and tend to flicker out sooner than other lanterns so it is always advisable to carry an adequate number of extra batteries. Also, there are lanterns available with a longer battery life. Other than that, there are no disadvantages. The LED lantern ensures brighter and more powerful light than most types of light sources. In fact, the only type that produces more light intensity is a fuel-burning lantern.

High Light Intensity

Fuel burning lanterns run on propane and therefore, do not require any kind of batteries to operate. They only need a sufficient amount of fuel in hand and they are good to go. Another advantage of using this camping lantern is that they are not compromised by any kind of weather conditions. You could be stuck in rain but your lantern will work just fine despite the water.


If you are looking for a light source that does not keep your hands busy like the LED and propane camping lanterns tend to do, you may choose to get a headlamp. More of a form of a flashlight, these lanterns may be strapped to the top of your head, allowing you to work at night without having to worry about a lack of light.


An additional advantage to the flexibility is that headlamps are also reasonably cheap in terms of price. However, relying on only headlamps is not suitable and backpackers are advised to carry at least one more type of camping lantern that is more durable and offers more light intensity.

The market today is filled with lanterns of all shapes and quality. The few options that have been discussed above are only some of the more popular ones. Having a camping lantern is essential since there is no substitute for the service it provides. However, it is imperative to take note of the conditions you may be facing in your journey in order to purchase a lantern that is suitable to your needs.


Benefits of Each Type of Camping Lantern